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A Modbus/TCP master for Android devices

Description and Features:

DroidBus/TCP is a Modbus-TCP master (client) designed primarily for testing, training or learning Modbus-TCP industrial protocol. This application runs in Android devices such as smart pones and tablets, and may be used to read and write data points stored in a Modbus/TCP slave (server) such as PLCs, RTUs, etc.


Modbus/TCP industrial protocol.
Read output coils, discrete inputs, input registers and holding registers
User configurable poll rate.
Write output coils and holding registers.
Modbus functions supported: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 15 (0Fh) and 16 (10h).
Poll status indication.
Show Modbus exceptions.
Register display formats: signed (16), unsigned (16), hex (16), long, long inverser, float, float inverse, unsigned long.


App Screenshots:


Main Menu Display Formats


User Manual:

Click here to download the user manual (.PDF)


Free Version - DroidBus/TCP Lite:

You may download and install the Lite-free version of DroidBus/TCP. This version has no time limit, supports all the Modbus functions available in the full version; however, it has the following limitations:

The number of consecutive output coils, digital inputs, holding registers and input registers that can be read in a single poll (Modbus functions 01, 02, 03 and 04) is limited to 4 (42 in the full version).
The number of consecutive output coils and holding registers that can be written in a single Modbus request (Modbus functions 15 and 16) is limited to 5 (99 in the full version).
Display formats supported: signed and long (full version also supports hex format, float and inverse representation of double registers).


Download and Install:

DroidBus/TCP Lite